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Dedicated to its mission, Kids Off the Block offers a comprehensive range of services in a secure environment where adolescents can thrive and transition into successful adults. Our aim at KOB is to foster social change by providing alternatives to gang violence, drug involvement, truancy, and the juvenile justice system. Through personalized consultations and group discussions, we empower young individuals to evaluate their circumstances and identify the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their goals. Our approach emphasizes self-development, encouraging active participation from youth in all aspects of KOB's operations, from program planning to execution.

Our programs cater to "at-risk" youth, offering Health Workshops, Cultural Events, Educational Tutoring, and celebratory events to recognize their accomplishments and engagement. With a diverse array of offerings, we create an inviting atmosphere that encourages youth to step away from the streets and immerse themselves in constructive activities within a nurturing environment.

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